October 22, 2012

A New Gallery Wall

If you've ever been to my house, you know I'm kind of obsessed with gallery walls. I love being able to display family pictures and other fun objects throughout my home. My newest gallery wall is located in my family room next to my breakfast nook. I recently aquired some new items and I wanted to change it up.

One of my latest finds is this adorable map. It's a nod to old school vintage pull down classroom maps. This map is made by Gritty City Goods on Etsy. I totally dig it. It is the perfect addition to the room.  It's small and very well made. I would highly recommend it!

I also recently found these vintage watercolor bird prints at my favorite vintage market, The Spare Room. The prints just have a sweet charm about them and I knew I had to have them!

This chalkboard is my most recent project. I bought an old cabinet door at the Habitat for Humanity Store and turned it into this sweet little board. I love how it turned out. It will be a fun place to write my favorite quotes and Bible verses.

The next picture I found at Goodwill several months ago. It's a reprint of a 1944 still life. I love the colors and the vintage vibe. I'm totally becoming a sucker for vintage prints. I've been staring at this print in my craft room for months trying to decide where it should go. It ties in perfectly to the colors in the watercolor print so I knew I needed to include it.

After I compiled all the above things together, I needed something else to fill the void. I searched around the house and nothing looked quite right. Then I remembered this metal tray I had tucked away in a drawer. It fit perfectly and will be a fun place to hang pictures or cards. The color ties in well with the rest of the pieces, too.

Now here it is all together. I love this gallery wall. I think it might be my favortie. What do you think?

Have a fantasticly crafty week!

Shara Pin It

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