June 12, 2013

Instagram Print Display

Instagram is such a fun way of sharing pictures. I use it on a regular basis to capture fun activities and moments of my kids on a daily basis. I finally got around to getting some of my favorite Instagram prints printed so I could display them at home. I went with a company called Prinstagram. The prints turned out great and I needed a place to display them.

I've had this old shutter sitting around. It has been moved to various places around my house and was currently in a pile in my craft room. I figured it would be an easy way to hang my prints. I used bakers twine and mini clothes pins and attached it with my staple gun. I love that I can rotate the pictures when I choose and it can hold a lot of pictures at once.

What do you think? This project is easy and simple and if I decide to use this shutter some other way, it will be easy to undo. I love projects like that!

Happy Crafting,


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