August 13, 2012

Union Jack Dresser

I've always loved England. It's #1 on my list of places to visit one day. Maybe it's my romantic sensibilities left over from my English Literature Major or just my love of English novels in general. There's just something about England that I truly adore. With the London Olympics just ending, I was inspired to create a little ode to my favorite place!

I was given this dresser by my friend Melissa (Thanks bunches!) and decided to do something fun with it.

Here is the before without the mirror:

As you can see it was in pretty rustic shape! Here's what I did to pay tribute to the Union Jack (warning extremely pic heavy):

What do you think? Do you love it as much as I do? The only thing I bought was a little blue paint and new knobs since I broke one of the original knobs. I love all the intricate detail work on this dresser. It's so unique and now with the Union Jack, it is truly one of a kind. I wish I could say I was keeping this beauty but I have no room left in my house so I'm hoping to find it a fantastic forever home.

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  1. This turned out beautiful! I love all of the details.

  2. wow this is awesome :)
    I love the result!

  3. Where do u get the glass knobs!? Someday wen I re-do my bedroom dresser I'll need new knobs