August 10, 2012

Redoing a Dresser...Again!

I originally made over this dresser last summer. You can see the transformation here. It has been in my laundry room ever since and holds things like light bulbs, cleaning supplies, etc. Since we redid the floors, I decided to paint the laundry room while it was empty. I used an aqua color that I had on hand to freshen up the space. Unfortunately, the dresser and the walls now blended together. I knew I would need to give this dresser another make over.

I wanted something that would pop and add some cheeriness to the small laundry space. I decided to go with yellow. I loved the previous stripes so I decided to keep them and add an extra fun element by keeping just a hint of the aqua. I used 2 inch painters tape to cover the old stripes. I had used 1 1/2 inch before so this allowed just a bit of ht aqua to remain. I gave it 2 coats of yellow and distressed it ever so lightly.

I love the pop of yellow in this room. I think it will almost make me enjoy doing laundry...I said almost! ;)

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