March 21, 2011

Learning to Love

I love my house, I do but I've come to realize in the 3 years we have lived there that there are things that bother me. My kitchen is too small, the closets are too small, I hate our kitchen flooring and we are now short on bedrooms. I think watching House Hunters on HGTV makes me realize what is out there and causes me to dislike my house. But with the down turn in the housing market we are stuck with our house for awhile.

I've come to realize that that's okay. I'm going to learn to love my house again. I am blessed beyond measure. I have 3 healthy, happy kids and a devoted husband who works hard so I can stay home with my munchkins. I think discontent is normal in our society today. The "keeping up with the Jones'" mentality is so prevalent. I'm not going to let those things get me down anymore. Today is a new day.

Decluttering is high on my to do list as is fresh paint and new decor items that I love...maybe even some new molding. I'm hoping by the end of summer that all my hard work will help me fall in love with my house again. And even if I don't reach all my goals, I'm okay with that. I have peace in the fact that I can make this house an expression of my personality and my love for my family and that is the most important thing.

Do you love your house? If not, it's time to learn to fall in love with it again! Maybe just rearranging the living room furniture will give you a new perspective. Try it. You might be surprised!

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  1. That is such a good point!!! When we first moved in and fixed it, I loved it. Now - the clutter and toys make me feel un-inlove with it.

    Can't wait to see your projects!

  2. BTW, I love the design! Good job AMY!

  3. So true Shara... I think I might love it ...after the addition! :)

    Yea we got hooked into HGTV yesterday- so many good ideas.

    Thanks Jenny!

  4. Totally agree!! I am working (slowly, but surely) to make a few changes around the house. I'm looking forward to garage sale "season" to score some discarded treasures I can refashion to fit our home. Little projects can make such a big difference in how you feel about your home!!

    Can't wait to see your projects around the house!!:)