March 22, 2011

I Do

Today was a new experience for me. I used a power saw for the first time ever and boy was it fun! My lines might not have been exactly perfect but considering I did this on my own and ventured out to the garage when my husband was out work, I'm quite proud of what I accomplished. I think I just forged a new's that's going to be around for awhile. I can't wait to play around on the miter saw but for now the jigsaw it is.

Today was also the first time I cut vinyl with my silhoutte machine. (If you don't know what a silhouett is, click here.) It was easier than I thought and fun, too! Oh, the possibilities...

I had seen similar signs on Etsy and decided these would be perfect over our bathroom robe hooks. They add just enough of personality. I love the layers of paint and the distressed edges. Something so simple can really dress up the space.

Have a crafty day,

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