March 18, 2011

Simple yet Elegant

I love finding simple ways to spruce up my house. I've fallen in love with thrifty, do-it-yourself projects that add a touch of fun and a bit of "me" to my house. I started creating a wall of photos upstairs in my hallway. This project has been in my mind for a while now but I've been waiting to finally paint the walls (it's only taken me 3 years)! I wanted not only pictures but found objects and other things that would add to the design and interest of the wall.

Here are a few pictures of the almost finished wall. As you can see most of the frames are empty. I'm waiting to find the perfect pictures to fill them with.

An old lock cover with lots of character.

A sweet little chalkboard to add some interest.

Some fun fabric to add some color and pattern.

More fabric in a unique vintage frame.

A cute molding piece painted and glazed (this was less than $5 to make).

An old skeleton key.
A simple burlap wrapped wreath with felt flower.

A frame in a frame.

Vinyl applique with scrapbook paper background.

All these little touches can bring out your own unique style and personality. Why not create your own picture wall today.

Shara Pin It

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