December 4, 2012

Quick and Easy Storage

My kitchen is on the smallish side and I have hardly any drawers. The amount of kitchen gadgets and utensils gets overwhelming at times and I needed to find a solution to store those gadgets that I use occasionally but not all the time. Perusing Pinterest, I found several ideas of storage boxes on top of the cabinets.

I decided I would find a way to make my own. The K-cups that we buy at Costco come in the perfect size box that fits nicely on the cabinets over my fridge. I decided to figure out a way to decorate them that was quick and easy. A stumble down the duct tape aisle at Target cemented this idea in stone. I picked up a roll of aqua and white and set about my box decorating adventure.

It literally took less than 2 minutes per box and I was done. I added a small vinyl number to give it just a little something extra. Now I have the perfect place to hold those extra gadgets like cookie cutters and melon ballers that I only use once and awhile. It's freed up so much space in my gadget drawer that I don't feel so overwhelmed anymore! Yay!

Happy Crafting,

Shara Pin It

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