September 21, 2011

A Fun Sign and a Sneak Peek!

It's been slow going around here lately and I apologize. We had a garage sale this past weekend that took up most of my spare time but the garage is now less "full" and we made a little money. Sorry about the lack of posts!

Sometime in July, J and I were driving home and found this porch swing for free just down the street. I begged him to stop and toss it in the back. I think he thought I was crazy. I was originally going to fix it up and add legs and keep it as a bench in our backyard. Upon trying to "fix" it I realized it was going to be a bigger job so I decided to go in a different direction. Here's what I did with a few slats of the back rest.

I thought it would be fun to make a few signs with the slats. This is my first one. It ties in the yellow of my new hutch and it makes me smile! I love the rugged worn look of the bench. It rocks my socks! What do you think?

I've also been doing a lot of painting lately but all the projects that I have been working on are not quite finished so I'm not going to show you just yet. But I do have a sneak peek of my new hutch that I bought for $25. It took me a while to decide on a color but the added push from my lovely Cousin-in-Law to go "bold" sealed the deal. It is so fun but I'm not completely finished so this will have to do for now!

Hope you are having a a wonderful week.

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