August 7, 2011

I'm back and a bridal shower gift

Did you miss me? We spent the week last week down on the WA coast enjoying the sun and sand. It was great to get away and relax. I even had the chance to read an entire book in 3 days. That's pretty impressive for me since the Rug Rats tend to keep me busy. We had a fabulous time but it's also nice to be back home and back to our normal routine.

I'm excited to share with you my latest craft project. Since most of my friends got married about a decade ago, I don't usually get the chance to attend a bridal shower. I've had this idea in my head for awhile but had no one to use it on. Finally, my chance came! Here's the final project. I love it and got to give it to the bride-to-be today and she loved it so that made me even happier!

This project was so fun. I got to use my craftiness and my love of photography. The first photo is of my own house numbers, the second is of the school speed limit sign at our local elementary school, and the final picture took me awhile to find but I eventually found a house number on a back road when I was out taking a drive. This picture really does not do it justice. It is much better in person.

Congrats to Abbey and Logan as they begin their lives together. May you be blessed beyond measure and have a long and happy life together.

Happy Crafting,
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