June 8, 2011

My Garage Sale Find

This past weekend it was finally sunny in the Pacific Northwest and garage sales were around every bend. I hit up several community garage sales over the course of two days. I'm kind of a "drive by" garage saler as I like to call it which entails slowing way down and craning my neck to see if anything pops out at me. That's how I discovered these chairs. I passed them, did a u-ie and hopped out of my car. I actually only bought one at first. I brought it home and hemmed and hawed about the other one. After 2 hours, I decided to go back and see if it was still there and it was plus she gave me $5 off since I bought both so I got them both for $15...I guess it was meant to be!

Here's the before. They were in pretty good condition but the color wasn't right.

And after:

I love the gray and the yellow but I'm still not sure if they will stay two separate colors or if I'll paint them both gray since I don't have too much yellow in the house. These chairs are going to be a part of my new eat-in kitchen makeover. I'm so excited about it. I can't wait until I'm finished with it so I can show you.

Happy Crafting,
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  1. Where are you putting ALL these chairs!? They are so darling . . . you need a boutique!!

    I am jealous . . .