April 18, 2011

Bathroom Subway Art

After living in our house for over 3 years now, I finally got around to painting the kids bathroom. It was this awful green and I hated looking at it so the kids normally take a bath in our big soaker tub. Now that I painted it a lovely gray ($5 oops paint at Lowe's), I wanted to create a fun space that will grow with my kids.

Here's the before bathroom color...gross I know:

The finished signs:

I'm still deciding what to do in terms of a shower curtain but I wanted to start somewhere. I love how these signs turned out. Aqua, red, and gray are my new favorites and with a little chevron design thrown in...it is perfect. Two Goodwill frames painted aqua and a little help from my silhouette and this was a quick and thrifty project.


Shara Pin It


  1. I saw this on sale . . . I like it and think it goes:


  2. mmmmmmmmm6666666666666666666rrrrrrrrrrrrr5RRRRRRRRRRRR444445555555555555555

    ~ REESE (need to put her input)

  3. Thanks Reese! ;)

    That's cute but I'm wanting stripes...yes, I'm being picky. I bought a plain white shower curtain and I'm trying to decide how I want the stripes!