April 29, 2013

Operation Auction Project: Play Kitchen

My kids attend a fabulous private christian school. Each year the school hosts an auction to raise money for different things around the school. Each class creates a special handcrafted item to be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is my 3rd year involved helping create the class project. I love doing fun projects like this because I know my hard work helps the school. This year my friend Heather, who is also a fellow parent, found this run down play kitchen:

She got it for free I might add! She knew I could turn it into something great so it came home with me. This was the perfect find. This little gem in the rough was built in the 1940's which makes me love it even more. I stripped off all the old paint and removed all the old hinges and knobs.

Here is this beauty, after I finished reviving her:

I love the little oven. It even has a place to jot down recipes:

Love the pop of yellow in the hutch:

It's dinner time:

All new knobs and hinges:

The drawer is lined with a retro inspired print:

The hutch has a little hook to hang your apron:

An inscription on the back:

Love the cute retro inspired dishes I found to go with it:

The kitchen will include a few things to get the little chef started:

This kitchen also comes with a recipe book of each of the students favorite recipes as well as their individual pictures. This project is a home run all around and I hope it brings in big bucks for the school!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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  1. So Amazing! I'd buy it in a heart beat. Hope it brought in a lot for your school. This is a great fundraiser idea that I'm going to pass on to our headmaster.