July 3, 2012

TV Gallery Wall

The wall surrounding my TV has been plaguing me for awhile. I was fine with how it was but I wasn't "in love" with it. I've been looking for pieces to add to help camouflage the TV and create a more unified look. Here is what the wall looked like before:

The new and improved gallery wall:

I have had this antique egg tray that I bought several months back. I knew it would look perfect as a magnetic picture board. I can't wait to add more old photos to it. It currently holds my Great Grandma's picture. The small oval frame and K sign were originally in the kitchen. I just re purposed them for the gallery wall.

Last weekend, I spent time at my late grandmother's home helping go through her belongings. I stumbled upon two paintings that my Great Uncle Mike had painted for my Grandma. I thought they would look great surrounding the TV.

I love that I now have a couple sentimental pieces to remind me of my Grandma. I also love how the pictures surround the TV and make the wall feel more complete. So, what do you think?

Have a safe and happy 4th!

Shara Pin It

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