July 18, 2012

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

When we bought our house four and a half years, the entire inside was boring builder white with the exception of one bathroom. I painted our master bedroom the first summer we lived here. It's a blueish gray color that I still love to this day. Problem is, I've never hung up any art work or pictures since. So for four years, I've lived with beautiful bare blue walls.

I was organizing and going through the clutter that seems to accumulate in our bedroom and decided it was time to actually start a gallery wall above my highboy dresser. I had painted the small frames last summer with the intention of starting this project then but things happen and my bedroom is always the last thing on the list.

The furniture colors in my room are black/dark espresso and gray. I have white bedding and use lime green as my accent color. I wanted to pull in the black and green and white into the gallery wall. I used one of my favorite pictures of all three kids when my youngest was just 4 months old...man, how time flies! I also used some chevron fabric and a black frame that I had on hand.

I love how the black and green pop against the blue wall. I am going to add to this wall as I find things that work. That's one thing I love about gallery walls...they can be added to at any point and rearranged as needed.

So, are you a master bedroom procrastinator like me? I finally feel a little accomplished in this room!

Have a crafty week,
Shara Pin It

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