April 16, 2012

Preschool Auction Project

My oldest 2 kids attend a private christian school. Each year the school holds an annual auction to raise funds for things the school needs. This year I am in charge of the class project for Miss M's preschool class. I refinished a cute little kids table from Pottery Barn that I got on Craigslist.

I painted the table a fun apple green color and used yellow, gray, turquoise, and blue as accent colors for the hand prints. I also added a chalkboard center to the table. The table and chairs set also comes with an art basket full of things to get the creative juices flowing. I also included each child's name with their hand prints to make it even more personal.

It turned out great! I think it's adorable and hope it brings in a lot of money at the auction. What do you think?

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  1. I think I want one. Except I have an aversion to chalk boards. ;)